The Benefits Of A Concrete Sealer For Driveways

Your concrete driveway is not something that will get your attention. After all it is concrete, it should last as long as you can imagine. You noticed your neighbor’s driveway is being treated with a water-based penetrating sealer. You thought that if you can take care of your car, you should be able to take care of your driveway. Without it, your car cannot make it to your garage. Applying a water-based concrete sealer for driveways does not require special skills, a little research on how it is done can enable you to do it. Yet if you wanted to be sure about it, a local contractor should be able to do it for you. It also does not require much time, as within a day the task can be completed.

For a water-based penetrating concrete sealer, the application is usually done with a roller. It is recommended to apply two even coats, without any uneven or thick areas of the solution anywhere on the driveway. After application, maintenance is quite simple. It only involves cleaning the driveway with water and soap. Well, you should be doing this at least once a week. It will also help if you can remove any stain immediately, like spilled oil or gasoline. It is also recommended to refrain from using deicing chemicals on your driveway once you apply the sealer as this is likely to affect the efficiency of the product.

The main advantage of applying a water-based penetrating concrete sealer to your driveway would be to prolong its service. Also, since this type of concrete sealer does not leave a protective film on the surface, it does not contribute to the driveway being slippery especially during wet weather conditions. This is another attraction for this type of concrete sealer to be preferred on driveways. Remember, safety is of primary concern for your driveway. Penetrating sealers do not affect the appearance of the concrete on your driveway. Expect no gloss to the concrete once this is applied.

Due to the water-based penetrating concrete sealer, the driveway will be more resistant to oil, water, grease, and other liquids. It should allow the concrete to ‘breathe’ which means it does not keep moisture within but allow it to escape from the concrete.

Because of weather and wear and tear, a water-based concrete driveway sealer will not endure forever. It is recommended to re-apply the solution once every 1 to 3 years, depending on situations. Let us be practical. You always get what you pay for. The more expensive the product is, the longer it will serve you. Keep in mind that applying the water-based penetrating concrete sealer on your driveway is a form of investment you are making. Make sure you are making a good one.